Best Selection
Coffees & Tea

We source the best Tea and Coffee from Kenyan Farmers.

The Perfect Selection of Tea & Coffee



Providing pre-shipment samples from a wide range of selection that befits the target market. The company has a team of experts in tea tasting, having more than 20 years of experience. The teas are selected, thoroughly tasted, and prepared for shipment as per the clients requirement.


Our Experts attend Tea and Coffee auctions to select the best Produce .This ensures That we always provide you with only the best

Shipping & Logistics

Through our comprehensive end to end shipping and logistics interface that is fully integrated in our business, we offer customized service

About Us

We are incorporated and duly registered in the Republic of Kenya and operates as Alpine Trading Ltd. We are careful about our integrity, corporate responsibility and sustainability of our business and the impacts it has to our farmers, our customers, partners, the community and all the stakeholders.

To guarantee sustainability of our supply chain for international delivery of Kenyan Coffee, tea ; product safety, environmental conservation and social welfare for the farmers we work with are fully integrated in our trade policy. We also offer complementary trade support to other exporters in Kenya and Eastern & Central Africa in terms of trade and commodity finance, market intelligence, shipping & logistics among other value added services.

Avoiding environmental pollution through use of dangerous chemicals, proper fertilization, traceability of all the produce to individual farmer or farmer groups and minding the welfare and conditions of employees are key fundamentals which we follow strictly.







We Supply & Export For the best East African Tea.